Behaviour and Social Norms Change

A large number of health and well-being needs are preventable. Many of these stem from a failure to practice well-established healthy behaviours, and are a product of harmful social norms.

While education to drive awareness is important, it is not enough. Awareness does not equal behaviour change, it is merely the first step. Most people are aware that they should wash their hands with soap, brush their teeth, exercise and drink water regularly, use condoms and yet they often don’t.

What We Can Offer You

Behaviour Change Programmes

  • We typically start by co-creating pilot Behaviour Change programmes 
  • We then guide you in scaling these up to reach larger populations, often in multiple markets to create cost-effective, long-term impact.

Social Norms Marketing

  • We create tailor-made social norms marketing toolkits to show you how to develop evidence-based campaigns grounded in social norms and social marketing theory. 
  • We design, deliver and evaluate social norms marketing campaigns. 

Damaging behaviours can be independent behaviours, or social behaviours which are influenced by social norms.   

  • We help organisations understand the drivers and motivators for the targeted behaviours, and then co-create behaviour change and social norms programmes to address them.  
  • Behaviour change does not happen overnight so we design programmes that are multi-channel and span multiple weeks of engagement.  
  • Our programmes are informed by the Behaviour Centered Design Model, a highly effective model designed by Professor Val Curtis and Dr. Robert Aunger, our partners at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Three key elements act as behavioural levers.


Purpose-driven marketing, when done right, can create social impact that can improve millions of lives while simultaneously improving company competitiveness.

Dr. Michael E. Porter

Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School

To learn more, check out our Behaviour Change Case studies

Addressing the harmful use of alcohol through social norms marketing

After committing to the Global Smart Drinking goals, AB InBev sought guidance in how to deploy its strategy to reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol.

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